Manshula Singh

Lucknow (SGPGI) 7000 / month [Phone protected] [Email protected] 1 year(s) experience

About Me

I give proper attention and time while teaching. I am honest towards my teaching

Courses I Teach

  • Art & Craft for 1st
  • Drawing for 1st
  • English Language for 1st
  • Environmental Education for 1st
  • French Language for 1st
  • Hindi for 1st
  • Mathematics for 1st
  • Moral Teaching for 1st
  • Music for 1st
  • Painting for 1st
  • Spoken English for 1st
  • All Subjects for 2nd
  • Arts for 3rd
  • Computer for 3rd
  • English Language for 3rd
  • Environmental Education for 3rd
  • French Language for 3rd
  • Hindi for 3rd
  • Mathematics for 3rd
  • Moral Teaching for 3rd
  • Science for 3rd
  • Social Studies for 3rd
  • Arts for 4th
  • Computer Science for 4th
  • English Language for 4th
  • Environmental Education for 4th
  • General Knowledge for 4th
  • Mathematics for 4th
  • Moral Teaching for 4th
  • Science for 4th
  • Social Studies for 4th
  • Arts & Craft for 5th
  • Computer for 5th
  • Drawing for 5th
  • English Language for 5th
  • Environmental Education for 5th
  • Games and activities for 5th
  • General Knowledge for 5th
  • Hindi for 5th
  • Mathematics for 5th
  • Moral Teaching for 5th
  • Sanskrit for 5th
  • Social Studies for 5th
  • Arts for 6th
  • Biology for 6th
  • Chemistry for 6th
  • Civics for 6th
  • Computer for 6th
  • English Language for 6th
  • EVS for 6th
  • Geography for 6th
  • Hindi for 6th
  • History for 6th
  • Science for 6th
  • Zoology for 6th

Educational Qualifications

Main Qualification

Bachelor in arts(B.A.)

Extra Qualifications

Bachelor in Education(B.ED.)

Major subjects