Tanya Srivastava

Lucknow (Nishatganj) 30000 / month [Phone protected] [Email protected] 9 year(s) experience

About Me

I'm a BCA Student and am a 98% scorer. I'm well-versed in all the subjects I've listed and am sure to teach the student to the core of knowledge.

Courses I Teach

  • All Subjects for 6th
  • All Subjects for 7th
  • All Subjects for 8th
  • All Subjects for 9th
  • Chemistry for 10th
  • Civics for 10th
  • Computer for 10th
  • English Language for 10th
  • Geography for 10th
  • Hindi for 10th
  • History for 10th
  • Mathematics for 10th
  • Moral Education for 10th
  • Physics for 10th
  • Science for 10th
  • Social Science for 10th
  • English Language for 11th
  • Mathematics for 11th
  • English Language for 12th

Educational Qualifications

Main Qualification


Major subjects

English, Math, Science, SST, Geography