Welcome to Zipmerg.in

January 31, 2018

Hello there! You are most welcome to Zipmerg.in, the pinnacle website for online home tutors. We aim at providing the very best education services at most affordable costs. Since 2017 we have been running strong and online community is stronger than ever. We are well familiar with the requirements of a student in the educational field. Keeping that in mind, we have set up a vast team of private tutors in order to aid students across India with their various subjects and field of study. Excellence is a very vital aspect in the educational field, especially when the future of a student is at stake. Keeping this in mind, we have created such a platform which will enable a student to perform interactive sessions with the very best teachers and scholars. We make sure that every demand and necessities of all students are met on time in the most efficient way.

Although educational services are our strong suit, we are not limited to that. We provide additional top notch services as well such as analysis of data, services related to IT, digital marketing, promotional services, services related to e-Governance and branding! Our quality of work speaks volumes and hence, we are widespread across the country. We started out small, with a handful of 10 tutors. We thrived in the competitive market because of our dedication, support from clients and yes, service quality like no other. We have established ourselves as one of the elite companies there is in India and have a hooping number of 7000 registered private tutors. Our family has grown immensely and we are proud to claim that we hold over 4000 well-satisfied clients who have been with us through thick and thin.

The courses that are provided cover all areas starting from subjects of nursery school all the way up to UG courses. The subjects are widespread as well covering topics such as English, Hindi, Business, Arts, and Engineering, Biology, Physical sciences and Medical science educational subjects. Apart from these core subjects, top quality training is provided in areas such as Dance, development of software, Art, Music and various circuit designs of computer programming.

Our Vision Statement

To provide the best interactive learning field to students all across the country and create such an environment where learning will be a joy. We aim to do this by delivering supreme quality services and products and of course, with the support of our huge national family of clients.

Our Mission Statement

We aim at providing the very best services there is at prices which are not only efficient but which will be best suited to the requirements of the students. With the usage of modern communication and information related solutions, we aim at making this aim a reality.